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What is Your Message to the World?

Today I’m going to share a secret about you. Don’t ask me how I know this. I just do. Please pay attention.

It is a beautiful secret.

Inside you, there is a burning desire to express an important message

Imagine you could put a message on a giant billboard for the world to see. What would it say and why?

You believe something in particular. A belief you think could help people around you. An idea that could make the world a better place (even a bit, that would be already amazing).

You don’t get why people don’t even seem to see what is obvious to you. How is it we haven’t already all discovered this secret? 

Maybe it’s time to stand up and express yourself?

Your message has to be shared. You may have discovered it yourself or somebody may have transmitted it to you. Today is your turn to pass it on. There is no other way if you consider the value of your message.

You are an ambassador of this idea.

So do your part.

I know you can…

You have something unique to say. Because of your experience, your personality, and your vision of life. You have lived, felt, and thought in a way no other human has. That has value. You could help other people living similar events.

You have a unique way of expressing yourself. Maybe it is more about your voice than your message. The details you give attention to, the words you chose, or the tone you usually use. You could make someone want to listen just because it is you who is speaking.

You have a unique place in this world. Maybe you are just in the right place at the right time for someone. We need to hear things several times before making a decision or taking action. We also need reminders to keep our priorities straights. You are here, so be present and seize opportunities.

And remember: it’s not about you, but about sharing a valuable idea. So there are only reasons to feel good about it.

You got this. 

By Joackim Weiler

One life. Live it.

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