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Create Once… Then 999 Times More

Let’s do it now. It is 2022 and a new year is always a good reason to pursue goals put aside for too long.

However, this time we should be warned : success won’t come after one week of full effort.

Abs won’t be popping up after 3 workouts in the new gym.

Youtube channels won’t challenge MrBeast after 2 Christmas vlogs.

Bitcoins wallets won’t explode after running 1 week of Facebook Ads.

And that’s okay. The problem is that we stop doing the work after this initial motivation burst.

The results don’t show up and we give up.
We give up because we focus on the wrong thing : results.

Instead, we should focus on something else : our magic number.

What is this magic number ?
I’m glad you asked.

Repetition creates perfection.

“Reps, reps, reps” is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s motto. Arnold focused on adding more reps in the gym (obviously).

He used the same technique to rehearse his acting roles and political speeches.

You want success ? Put in the reps.

Your 1st tweet won’t be read.
Your 365th will multiply your sales x100.

Your 1st workout will be sh*t.
Your 52th will energize you for the week.

Your 1st offer will make $0.
Your 12th offer will enable you to retire.

Each content created gives you feedback on your work. Each workout gives a little bit more confidence. Each “publish” button hit gives you opportunities to connect with new people.

Picasso is thought to have made about 50,000 artworks during his lifetime.
Stephen King wrote more than 80 books (so far).

So focus on your magic number.

Stop looking at your results and keep increasing your volume of inputs.

If you are an online creator, your magic number can be the number of tweets, articles or videos created.

If you are an entrepreneur, your magic number can be the number of cold pitches sent or ads tested.

Do it once… and then 999 times more.

Make your magic number grow… and when big enough, it will grant all your wishes.

Switch to this mindset and then start small.
But that’s a lesson for tomorrow…

By Joackim Weiler

One life. Live it.