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The Danger of Shadow Paths

Shadow paths look like you are pursuing your real goal.
But what they really do is distract you from your real goals.

Some shadow paths are about preparation.
They should help you, but only postpone the action phase.

You want to be the best parent for your child.
You end up reading every book about parenting.
While your kid is just there waiting to play with you.

You want to be a bit more athletic.
You end up comparing every shoe to get the best.
While you are sitting on your couch.

You want to start your own business.
You end up watching Youtube videos about entrepreneurship.
While they are people with a problem, waiting for a solution you could offer.

Other shadow paths are about focusing on the means and not the end. 
You think you pursue your real goal, but forget it on the run.

You want to be a photographer.
But you need exposure to get clients.
So you end up imitating famous Instagram influencers to get more likes.
While you don’t explore your own creativity to develop your own style.

You want to find a loving partner.
But you need to be more attractive.
You end up trying to become always prettier and prettier.
While you forget to express your own personality that would attract your real soulmate.

You want to launch a new product on the market.
But you need fast cash flow to survive in this economy.
You end up adapting your offer to look like the rest of your competition.
While your unique idea was the reason you started this business in the first place.

These shadow paths should help you to get what you really want.
But become distracting pursuits (quite fast).

You focus your attention and energy on the wrong things.
So you lose your precious time trying to win competitions you don’t care that much.

Focus on your 5 priority goals.
Beware of intermediary goals.
They are shadow paths.

You got this.

By Joackim Weiler

One life. Live it.