Improve your life

A Better Life By Knowing What Not To Do

You will live a meaningful life if you know what you value. Equally, you can improve your life if you know what to remove from your life.

When we have a problem, we look for a solution (so far so good). But we usually look for something to add to our life. A product, a service, a system, a routine that will fix our problem or its symptoms.

However, this “added” solution can cost you energy, money, time. And even creates its own news problems (Welcome to your vicious cycle).

While sometimes it is way easier to subtract the cause of the problem (or part of it). “Via Negativa” is the name of this principle.

You can add some good or remove some bad and you will get the same result. The latter is often less obvious but easier and faster to do.

How can you implement this strategy in your life ?

Some examples of Via Negativa.

Say you need more money.
You can add : Decide to work 10 more hours per week, take a second job or a new client.
Or you can subtract : Buy less stuff you don’t use (you know what hobby I’m talking about).

Say you need more energy.
You can add : Drink healthy smoothies every morning.
Or you can subtract : Quit drinking alcohol or eating junk food.

Say you need more time
You can add : Decide to spend 10 minutes every morning on a bullet journal to be more productive.
Or you can subtract : Unfollow these Bullet Journal accounts you look on Instagram for 30 min each evening (harmless joke).

You get the idea.

But wait.. There is more !

You can also use Via Negativa before any problem arises.

What business practice do you hate and doesn’t yield any results ?
Forget that and focus on giving value to your clients.

What takes so much time to get clean in your house and nobody even notices ?
Do it less often and spend more time with your loved ones.

What habit do you think has the most risk for your health ?
Quit it and enjoy more years to live without having to do anything more.

What doesn’t add any value in your life ?
What does more harm than good ?
Remove it. Less is more.

You got this.

By Joackim Weiler

One life. Live it.