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Read More by Avoiding These 3 Myths

I read between 1 and 3 books a week. Not that I try to break any personal record. I just like reading.  You also want to read more but you don’t know how? Please let me share my secrets to read more… and enjoy it.

Follow your sherpa! 

First, I want to congratulate you. You are looking to make things better. To be better. That is already something. Most people think that their growth is done and that their journey is over. They are who they are… and that’s it? They abandoned the idea to alter reality. But you don’t. By only wanting to read more, you are putting yourself in a better place. 

So congrats my friend.

Now, we have to unveil three myths that prevent people from reading more. If you believe these myths, then you will try hard but won’t succeed in becoming an avid reader. But avoid those pitfalls and take another route that guarantees your arrival at the summit.

I hope your bookshelf is ready to carry a lot of books!

Don’t try to read fast

The first myth people believe is that reading a lot is reading fast. They learn speed reading techniques without enjoying any books. Some techniques even advise reading at a pace you don’t fully understand the book. If you love productivity and hate life, please do. Did you know you can also visit more countries by just staying in your hotel room? You will save time and money… but what’s the point? Forget about reading fast. When you have read 100 books you will read faster anyway.

“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast” is a U.S. Navy Seals motto I love.

Start by reading what interests us you

The second myth about reading is some books have more value than others. “If you want to be a reader, then you HAVE to read these classics. Oh my, you read about ______ (what you like) but never read ______ (the famous author that bores you)?” Recommendations and more difficult books can help level up your game. But for starters don’t worry about what you are supposed to read. Just read whatever appeals to you. Pick a book that you are curious about, whatever it is. When you are done, repeat.

“Read what you love until you love to read.” – Naval Ravikant

Make reading easier

The third myth is a cousin of the second one, but about the format. Some people will tell you “real books” are written on paper. I love paper books. I love reading them. I love the object in itself. I buy some books just because of the way they are printed. I actually think paper books are the best. But please ignore purists telling what format you should read. Pick the easiest way for you. Could be on paper, on a Kindle, or even on your phone. When you have read 100 books you will have found what works best for you.

“What would it look like if it was simple?” is a question by Tim Ferriss I ask myself all the time.

Just read… a lot

In a nutshell, to read more you just have to… read more! So makes things easy for you: focus on enjoying your experience, choose books that really interest you (and pick another one if it happens to bore you), and pick the most useful format. Read whenever you can. While waiting at the airport (or for your spouse), during a lunch break, while in the restroom, early in the morning or before falling asleep. Whenever you can. The more you read, the easier (and more enjoyable) it gets.

You will soon have read more than 100 books.

But you will already be a better person after your very first book.

You got this.

By Joackim Weiler

One life. Live it.