Improve your life

Why You Should Read More

Beware, my friend. The following lines may change your life forever. Be ready to learn the ultimate secret to solve 99% of your problems. Please don’t keep reading if you want things to stay the same.

Imagine how your life would change if the most brilliant minds in the world could give you their best advice! Not only current genius, leaders, and thinkers. But also women and men across human history.

Sure you are neither the first nor the only one to think about giving meaning to life, improving relationships, getting in shape, launching a business, creating art, facing anxiety, eating yummy food, or changing the world.

Answers are waiting for you in your next book. 

You can save time and trouble if you look at the footsteps someone left before you. You can discover ideas, tools, and answers that will help you live a better life. You can have more impact on the world with this advance.

People smarter and more experienced than us have worked hard to pass their story and their knowledge. Let’s use these amazing gifts so we can sharpen our minds, get inspired, and even spend an entertaining time.

My friend, you have no idea how high you can fly.

Now imagine you don’t use this power only once. You can learn to master it and become a whole new kind of superhero. You can drastically improve your life in one year only. And even the lives of your family and close friends.

If you read one (well-chosen) book per month, that will be 12 books this year. Read one book per week and it is 52 books. How much smarter will you be after reading 52 books? Two books per week and the number go up to 104 books per year. You would see the world in a whole different way. Imagine how better your decisions would be.

This offer is too good for you to pass it.

But how can you read so much? See you tomorrow for the answer, my friend. In the meantime, remember…

You got this.

By Joackim Weiler

One life. Live it.