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The Beauty of Ordinary Days

I have always been fond of mythology. As a child, I loved these stories about Greek heroes and Egyptian gods.

Mythology stories were often exciting adventures, like Odysseus navigating across the sea. But sometimes they felt a bit weird. Maybe because I was a child. Maybe because these stories are about human nature. And we can be a bit weird sometimes.

One particular myth was incredibly boring to me. 


Sisyphus was a king who cheated death, twice. So the gods punished him. Sisyphus had to roll a boulder up to the top of a hill, let it roll down, and repeat this for eternity.

Some smart minds tried to think how Sisyphus could have escaped his sentence. But in his story, the king smart enough to cheat death doesn’t escape. Sisyphus just keeps rolling his boulder up the hill.

Do you feel like Sisyphus sometimes?

Just repeating the same tasks over and over. To a point that it feels pointless?

I have some of these days.

I just had one of these days last week. Some thoughts came to my mind “Can’t believe I have to do the same things again and again. What a sh*tty life” (Yes, my thoughts tend to be rude and exaggerated). Then my mind went another direction: “Even IF it was a sh*tty life, how would like to live it ?” Then I walked our dog out. I was happy about it. So was the dog.

Look, my writing is a lot about saying a big NO to pointless boulders to roll up in our lives. 

Let me correct myself…

My writing is a lot about choosing your boulder.

Anything worthwhile is difficult: strengthening relationships, raising a kid, building a valuable business, improving skills, creating something beautiful, taking care of your body, nourishing your mind, making a difference.

You don’t have to roll up any boulder other people tell you to.

But I am sure you want to build something strong, valuable, and beautiful in your life.

While building, it will sometimes feel like you are Sisyphus.

In this case, I want to encourage you to keep your good work.

Because there are days you will feel a bit lost.

But it is worthwhile to keep going.

You got this.

By Joackim Weiler

One life. Live it.