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Make Something Beautiful

You have a unique view of what beauty is. Just find a small way to express it. You will find hope. You will give hope.

It is easy to lose faith in humanity these days. Whatever direction you look at, you can find reasons to be angry, frustrated, or disappointed.

Spend too much time digging in these feelings and you can even lose hope. Life then seems absurd and pointless. We can even question why we should bother to try to make things better.

That’s poison. That hurts.

However, we should remember that our brains are wired to notice what is going wrong.

How quickly do we forget what is working well, what is good, and what is beautiful!

Worse, how quickly do we forget that we can make things better!

Here is the antidote.

Make something beautiful.

I always feel better when I look at the ocean, listen to the sound of waves or feel the fresh air on my skin. 

A walk in the forest or a hike in the mountains has the same effect on me.

Nature has this power. It is wonderful to look at. And we find hope admiring its beauty. We can’t create beaches or trees, sure. But we can add some beauty to our life.

Make something beautiful to give joy and hope to those who will look at it. 

You can create something artistic: a painting, a movie, a poem, a story, a picture, a song, a dance.

You can enhance your house: tidy a room, add some decoration, pick some flowers.

You can give special attention to daily things: set your breakfast table, use a new scent for your laundry, do your hair a special way.

You can make your work more beautiful: present your folders differently, articulate better when you pitch, take more time when you handwrite.

Do it for yourself and keep it a secret. Do it for someone you love. Do it for the world to see. It’s your choice.

You have a unique view of what beauty is. Just find a small way to express it. You will get addicted to it. You will want to add even more beauty to this world. You will want to make things better. You will find hope. You will give hope.

You got this.

By Joackim Weiler

One life. Live it.